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Welcome ...


My name is Miri, I am a plant-based health coach and recipe developer. I became certified in plant-based nutrition by the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies by eCornell University.


After being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in November 2016, I spent a lot of time and energy finding the perfect diet to help control my blood sugar, improve my results, and achieve the healthiest myself ever.


That's how I came across the low-fat, plant-based whole food lifestyle, which is not only suitable for me, but it is the only lifestyle until today that has proven to reverse Type 2 Diabetes, PreDiabetes and Insulin Resistance efficiently, as well as helps  reduce insulin needs and control type 1 diabetes. It has also proven to prevent and reverse cardiovascular diseases and several types of cancer.


This diet allows me to eat large amount of food without calorie counting, I can eat tons of fruits without causing blood sugar spikes,  I can control my blood sugar perfectly, use less insulin than ever, I'm full of energy all the time, and, last but not least, I reached my ideal body weight I had always dreamed of.


I've helped houndreds of people lose weight, cure their disease and regain their health through my online courses and meal plans. I’m very obsessed with this lifestyle and I have a passion to help as many people as possible to maintain or regain health, get rid of excess weight, reverse their illness and live an active life.

If you’re wondering how I cut my insulin use by 50% in just one week, click on the link below:

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