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Andrea U.

Dear Miri! I’m so glad I found your online course at the beginning of this year. My mother has been type 2 diabetic for over ten years. As a doctor, she only trusted drugs. She never took care of her diet. Over the years, her diabetes became worse and she needed to start taking stronger and stronger drugs. The next step would have been insulin, because her fasting blood glucose level has constantly been between 280 and 350 mg / dl.  She couldn't face the  problem, and she didn't show any willingness to change her lifestyle. In January, I gave your online course as a gift for her. Since then, she is committed to the whole food plant-based lifestíle and her morning fasting blood sugar is consistently below 100 mg / dl. She has already cut her medication since then. I am very grateful that with your help, we found the way of a healthy life for her. The successes she achieved further motivate her. As a doctor, she began to accept that a lot can be influenced by health eating and lifestyle. She has even purchased an indoor bike and uses it regularly. She has already lost several pounds. She feels good in her skin. Full of energy and fun. Thank you for the information gathered in a complex package, which helped us a lot on this path.

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Timea K.

I was diagnosed with prediabetes in September 2019. I’m so glad I found Miri’s side, when I read that there is an alternative way to cure diabetes. I changed my diet overnight. I haven’t eaten animal based food since September 5th of that year. In October, I went for a lab test and whithin a month, my results became so good that there was no need for medication. I was diabetic during my pregnancy, I followed the traditional, prescribed diet, but the pain was bitter, and despite the diet, complications accured. I am very happy with the vegan diet. The beginning was hard, but Miri's recipes and advices helped me a lot. Thank you very much again! A couple of months ago, my husband and little son also changed their diet. Today, we follow an oil free whole food plant-based diet. It’s good to see that my little boy loves all fruits and is tempted by the variety and shapes of all kind of vegetables.


Orsi M.

"I had a goal of losing 6 kg and I lost more than 5 kg so I experience it as a great success :) My husband is eating with me 50% and he likes it!"

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When you tell someone you don’t eat animal-based products, everyone is upset: what do you eat then? At first, you think hat this diet will be very restrictive and you don’t even want to dive into it. But then you take a look into it and start getting informed. And then you find Miri. There are amazingly colorful, appetizing, healthy things in her recipes. By doing it all the way through the one month online course, you realize that the range of variations is endless. And it works! The food will be delicious, tasty, colorful and very healthy. And your body is very grateful for it! You enjoy it and start trusting this young girl who will help you all the way on this path with her lovely and caring style, answering every single question you have. You feel safe and very well in your skin. I can only recommend her!

Judit K.


Katalin J.

"I have been on a plant-based diet for 20 years and am a Type 1 diabetic. I liked the recipes a lot, gave me a lot of ideas on what to combine and my blood sugar got a lot more balanced."


Zsolt B.

"Two months after my previous lab, my cholesterol went from 8 mmol / l to 4.8 (upper limit of 5.2 mmol / l) and LDL from 6.3 to 3.28. So one of my goals has already been completed ... Looks like it works :) "

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Zsuzsa R.

"I loved the food and the portions were extremely plentiful. I lost 3 kg. I became much more energetic and my metabolism accelerated. I can only recommend this diet. Miri's knowledge and vast support will help you through everything! :) "


Andrea U.

"I am type 1 diabetic, in the past I have always had carbs as 'enemies'. With this diet I can eat way more carbohydrates than ever before, yet I have to inject much less insulin. I lost 1,5-2 kg :)"


Fruzsina S.

"I learned and experienced a lot. I lost 3 to 3.5 kg, that's how much I wanted. In addition, you made us a very small community, Miri, and you turn to us as kindly as if we were old friends. It was a pleasure, thank you!! "


Andrea E.

"I loved the food and the portions were extremely plentiful. I lost 3 kg. I became much more energetic and my metabolism accelerated. I can only recommend this diet. Miri's knowledge and vast support will help you through everything! :) "

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