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My long-awaited E-book How to Beat Diabetes Naturally has finally been published, in which I present the positive effects of a low-fat, whole food plant-based diet on diabetes based on scientific facts.


Dr. Berta Maria Tozser, a general practitioner, wrote the following review about the e-book:


“As a doctor, I’ve always longed for a summary that helps type 2 diabetics improve or reverse their disease with the most effective diet, a whole food plant-based diet. Mirjana Kovács's e-book is not only easy to understand, thorough, yet concise, but also contains delicious, healing recipes based on local conditions, with beautiful photos that can help anyone embark on the path of recovery. It is convincing to me that Miri herself as a type 1 diabetic experiences on her own skin day in and day out what she writes about, the exceptional health that this diet can give. I am happy to recommend this great e-book not only to diabetics, but to anyone who is interested in a whole food plant-based diet and  healthy lifestyle. ”

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